Season 10 of LHHNY

Written by on December 18, 2019

Baby!! Season 10 of LHHNY aired last Monday when I say these people put the M in MESSY, I mean it!

First of all, I want to welcome Chrissy & Tahiry back to the show. Second, I want to ask WHEN Chrissy and Kimbella became such good friends? As far as I remember, Chruissy was beating Kimbella DOWN back in season two, and for why?

Because Kimbella told her friend Emily that she used to date Emily’s boyfriend, New York rapper Fabolous. To be fair, Chrissy did apologize to Kimbella last night after 7 years of bad blood. But I’ll just say, it would take a lot more than a simple apology for me to forgive 7 years of fighting? Maybe this relationship based off the fact that both ladies used to be cool with Yandy, who they clam is faker than Kraft singles and not the girl they know.

Either way, Kimbella’s looking real crazy out here, which is why I say never become friends with the enemy once you fall out with a friend. You can watch season 10 premiere and catch up on the drama yourself at VH1.COM

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