January 8, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 8th, 4D Entertainment & Media Worldwide Inc’s debuts adult theme show “Sex Talk & Slow Jams” (CHICAGO) – Overnight radio will never be the same! TODAY, join Raymond Fox, Liz In Color and Hollywood Sandy for the explicit “Sex Talk & Slow Jams.” We’re kicking off our first […]

Okay! We’re kicking off our first ever adult theme show Sex Talk & Slow Jams which airs overnights on your local radio station and wherever your podcast may be available. We’re seeking Adult Entertainers here in the Chicago Area, to be featured as our on-air in studio guest weekly. Professional Adult Entertainers and Homemade stars are welcome […]

Baby!! Season 10 of LHHNY aired last Monday when I say these people put the M in MESSY, I mean it! First of all, I want to welcome Chrissy & Tahiry back to the show. Second, I want to ask WHEN Chrissy and Kimbella became such good friends? As far as I remember, Chruissy was […]

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